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Mage Kid

Mage Kid is a little game I'm working on in my spare time. It's just a bunch of systems at the minute but it's getting there!

It's about a kid who graduates a Magi' University. After becoming disillusioned with the state of the world, they decide to become an adventurer like in the olden days, and go on quests.

It's gonna have:
a rad story with interesting characters and queststurn-based battlesdifferent schools of magic to learnplatformingand more!!
I'm hoping release it in a few years.


I'm a generalist indie dev making things!

I'm qualified in animation, I've worked as a 3d artist and I program in my spare time!

2017 (Jan-March) - 3D Games Artist Intern at Sockmonkey Studios2016 - BA in Games Animation with 1st Class Honours2012 - Won WorldSkills UK Gold Medal for Games Development2011 - I was a Salad Chef for a year.. a Chef... of Salad!
References available upon request!

To enquire about work (or just say hello!), contact me at: